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Rhythm Road US State Dept Tour to China/Mongolia 1st stop Guangzhou

Here is a rather dark photo of me and the band: guitarist Keith Ganz, organist Gary Versace, drummer Jordan Perlson - all wonderful musicians and traveling companions.

So - we began our Rhythm Road journey in Guangzhou, southern China on Nov 27th 2011. We had a marvelous time working with young musicians at the conservatory and collaborating with their professors who participated in the American Music Festival with us. On our day off State Dept host Janice Englehart brought us to a street market tea ceremony. The tea gave us a lot of energy and had great detoxifying qualities.

This is a traditional dish featuring Bamboo and fungus (it looks like a shiny flower) - it tasted quite good, btw.


Here is an interesting warning we found at the hotel pool - needless to say none of US qualified for a swim with these tough standards...


Here is a video clip of a sweet collaboration on a traditional Chinese Poem by Li Bai - Jing Ye Si  We were joined by 16 kindergarteners in this much loved song. Everywhere we went in China people knew this poem by heart. It speaks of how the moonlight coming through the window reminded a man of his home in the north.

More soon...

more on China and Mongolia

The thing I loved most in Wuhan (beside the Vice Mayor presenting me with a 15lb pagoda (they mailed it back to the USA for me!) was going to a park at 9am on a Wednesday morning.  I was treated to a festival of 50 and 60 somethings exercising to disco music, doing qi gong and tai chi, dancing with swords in formal wear..They have a saying in China - "The key to good health is movement". We do not yet have that saying here in the U.S....

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